A Shopify based e-commerce website solicited our services to increase their traffic via media buying. We utilized influencers on Instagram to run a social media campaign to drive views to their funnel, witch ultimately led to an increase in sales.

Increasing the traffic of an E-commerce store by over 6,000%

We were hired to increase the traffic of an E-commerce store specializing in clothing for women, they were receiving roughly 3,000 unique views monthly with their self managed Instagram campaign.

Utilizing daily posts by our influencer network, we took them from 3,000 monthly unique viewers to over 240,000 unique viewers in less than one month.

Shopify Dashboard
Here's a breakdown on how we achieved tremendous growth in a short period.

Many would assume that we spent well into five figures to achieve these results in such a short time, however, that is not the case. Here's how we achieved quick results for our client.

  • We picked only niche related influencers from our database.
  • The influencers we picked, we scheduled "off prime time" ads, which allowed our budget to go further than scheduling prime time ads.
  • We hand created content specifically tailored to play into the Instagram algorithm, causing the ads to hit "Explore" on Instagram, thus going viral.
  • Utilized our proprietary growth hacks to boost CTR higher than a normal influencer advertisement.

All of the above steps combined allowed us to achieve explosive growth for our client, so much so that they became campaign cost profitable by the third day.